Dear guests and citizen,

please feel heartily welcomed on the internet site of the community of Letschin.

Our internet portal hopefully promotes interesting informations for you. We will give you an overview of living in our community. Your varying questions and requests will be directed to the suitable office. Via inexpensive email correspondence you get in touch with our administrative staff and obtain a lot of services conveniently from home. Find informations according to your individual preferences regarding day trip opportunities, biking tours, events and club activities.

You are dearly invited to visit the 10 districts of the community of Letschin. We are located in the centre of the ´Oderbruch ´-area. The scenic landscape in its beauty, the friendly and open-minded people as well as the intact community life are perfect preconditions to have a good time in our community.

The districts of the community of Letschin spare no effort to provide for their guests a delightful sojourn in this utmost beautiful, cultural-historical region. Discover the beauty of our natural landscape. Indulge in the well preserved kingdom of nature along the river Oder. Heart, body and soul will greatly benefit from your stay here.



  • a well developed road- and path network for biking and inline skating.
  • a coherent guide-system for visitors
    (multi-lingual map-display with touristic basic informations).

Special Treats

  • Visit of numerous artisan workshops during the “Kunst-Loose”-days
  • Canoe and boat tours on the river Oder
  • For nature lovers - bird spotting in the bird sanctuary along the river Oder
  • Designated fishing- and camping sites
  • Local history exhibit in Letschin and Wollup
  • Unique post mill in Wilhelmsaue
  • Sightseeing of historical railroad- and agricultural technology 
    at the Letschin railroadmen association
  • Numerous memorials concerning “Peace and war in the Oderbruch”
  • Sightseeing of well-preserved frame houses, the half-timbered 
    church in Sietzing and the half-timbered prayer- house in Wilhelmsaue
  • Permanent exhibition “Snapshots” with pictures from Erna Roder in the “ Weisse Kirche” (White Church) in Kienitz

How to reach us:

  • Via bicycle trail R1 or the Oder-Neiße bicycle trail
  • Via Federal highway B167 and land road L33
  • Via convenient train connection: 
    Berlin-Lichtenberg - Eberswalde - Letschin or Potsdam - Frankfurt (Oder) - Letschin

Be enchanted by the charm of our scenery.
The citizen of our community, as well as the administrative staff and institutions 
are looking forward to your visit.

Yours sincerely

Michael Böttcher

Gemeinde Letschin, Bahnhofstraße 30a, 15324 Letschin, Telefon: +49 03 34 75 /60 59-0, Fax: +49 03 34 75 /2 79, E-Mail: Die Gemeinde Letschin ist eine Gebietskörperschaft. Sie wird vertreten durch Michael Böttcher, Bürgermeister.